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tataWORLDminiWhen you absorbed the systemic descriptions, you might comprehend how the TVshow TATA World (worktitle) multiplies and how the increasing density of interesting directors/performers creates an ever improving quality. Now you may understand as well, how the first episodes are the weak spot, since TATA World hasn’t found its “stars” yet.



Spring 2016 I was generously invited to a residency in the 28th floor of the Edifício Copan on Avenida Ipiranga. There are lots of trans-people working the area across the street.

One day around noon, I walked through the Rua Bento Freitas and passed a restaurant where a few transvestites – masculine and black – were hanging around a table next to the entrance. I was deeply touched by their striking beauty, the constitutional elegance, this aura!

I realized they were the answer to my dilemma of how to get a better start of the series. As the casting flyer says, they know how to look good and they perform anyway. Their radiance, emanating from a lifetime of cultivated stamina, seemed eminently able to engender a high-quality pilot. This encounter – resembling more and more an apparition in the course of time – lead to the decision to shoot the first sequences for a TATA World TV show in Sao Paulo…

I looked for a while for these exceptional people, but I never ran into them again. Instead São Paulo gave me:


[sofa] “But for me to be with Clark, I’ll have to wipe out Alex too. He’s just been a boil on my neck too long… Alex… Life is for winners. Alex is my husband. And Clark is the man I love. Rich, powerful and charming. You better delete Alex. Alex has several issues, he leaves the towel on the bed, he asks for coffee in the bed. All his clothes have to be starched. I’m not his maid, I have a good job. I was not born for domestic service. He’s annoying, he does not know how to have fun. What did I see in that guy? And then there’s Clark, in all his perfection. Yeah …. this is gonna be your end. Alex … Alex will be an easy prey. There are ways to kill someone without being exposed at the autopsy. Injecting milk into his veins with a syringe. Or breaking a thermometer and letting the mercury fall into his ear: A quiet and peaceful death. I’m going to give you a very satisfying death. Alex and I met at college, but the attraction got lost along the way. He’s totally boring, annoying – unbearable. I’ll get rid of him and be happy with Clark. I hate being angry, I hate opposition at work, I’m tired of my colleagues. I’m going to punish one by one. Starting with darling Alex. I will begin with poisoning him gradually, his salad, his food… The office staff? I’m going to sabotage everything on their computer. Ah … sweet revenge. Just wait and see! I’m going to shake up the office. Lost and deleted documents. It will be marvelous. I’m going to be a killer, I’ll help one by one. It will be super good fun.”

[plant] “This plant needs more life.”

[sofa] “Oh my god, I need help, please!”

[changing position on the sofa]But the best was to meet Roberto there, that gorgeous firefighter, wonderful man. So cute! He’s the perfect lover. An interesting man who likes danger and lives his life around the fire. It hots me, it’s great. Roberto is a real sexual athlete – wonderful! The perfect lover.”




“… but I always wait for you, every night. You are an example of persistence, always orbiting the earth, doing your nightly spectacle, attractive, moving and relentless – let’s say: “natural”. Dream and desire of lovers and their lovers. You are untouchable and merciless. The issue that one day nothing will be true anymore, nothing will help anymore, nothing will do anymore. I scream at her and she is insecure, she doesn’t answer me. She loves me even more, she leaves me helpless. It seems like she’s all broken…”

“I need your help, moon!!!! It seems that you don’t believe in what i’m saying, that my thoughts are not important. You think that you can live without me. But i’m here every night, always. You interfere with my thoughts…. Without you my dreams would be cold, lost, confused and shattered. I please my pleasure in dreaming with you. Moon, moving and captivating in a dark night. You understand the dreams of human beings. Because they live in you …”




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