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tataWORLDminiWhen you absorbed the systemic descriptions, you might comprehend how the TV show TATA world (worktitle) multiplies and how the increasing density of interesting directors/performers creates an ever improving quality. Now you may understand as well, how the first episodes are the weak spot, since TATA world hasn’t found its “stars” yet.



Spring 2016 I was generously invited to a residency in one of the upper floors of the Edifício Copan (Oscar Niemeyer). There are lots of transpeople working the streets on the other side of the Iparanga, where the Copan is located.

One day around noon, I walked through the Rua Bento Freitas and passed a restaurant where a few transvestites – masculine and black – were hanging around a table next to the entrance. I was star-struck by their aura, a mesmerizing constitutional elegance and unreal beauty

I realized they were an answer to the dilemma of how to get a better start of the series. As the casting flyer says, they know how to look good and they perform anyway. An aura, emanating from a lifetime of cultivated stamina, that seems eminently able to engender a high-quality pilot. This encounter – more and more resembling an apparition in the course of time – brought me to the decision to shoot the first sequences of this TV show in São Paulo



I looked a while for these exceptional people, but I never saw them back. Instead São Paulo gave me:


(Sofa) “Thank God it’s Friday. I have to find a way to delete that bitch out of my life. I already know how. She will swim like a fish into my net. It’s … well, revenge is a dish that’s eaten cold. And her dish will be freezing cold. Enjoy Friday and Saturday, darling, because Sunday you’re not here anymore.“
(Window)My friend from work … pulled the rug up from under my feet: she seized my job. She did not deserve it. I did! I will not allow her to. She is a beautiful woman, she attracts every man. When I’m in the office, everyone’s all over me. When she arrives, everyone walks away to her. That makes me very angry. I will not allow her to take my place. I should hit her with a car. I want to kill her with my car. Perfect. She will not take over my position in the company. When she’s in the office, people push me aside. When I am alone, people see me. When she appears the light on me turns off. I will stop her light from shining. The spotlight should shine on me. Not on her. She’s a lawyer. Office lawyer. I’m going to wait in the car and when she crosses the street to go to the bus stop, I speed the car over her as fast as possible. Then I throw her away on the other side of the street.“
EyeMarina-3small(Sofa) “When I manage to eliminate this woman from my life, I’ll get the promotion she stole from me. I will make lots of money. I’ll be the most respected person in the office. I’ll buy a new car, designer handbags, eat at the best restaurants and everyone will adore me. I will be more than perfect. Once everything I need is available, Clark will be in my hands. He is the perfect match. Clark is the boss. He has no idea whom he wants. Her or me – so SHE needs to go! Clark is handsome, tall, charming, intelligent, rich. The perfect man for any woman. When Clark comes into the office, into my direction, my legs tremble. He greets me with a soft kiss on the cheek…. I always expect more…. I will get more.“
(Changing position on the sofa) “But for me to be with Clark, I can’t just get rid of her only – I’ll have to eliminate Alex too. He’s been a pain in my neck too long…. Life is for winners. Alex is my husband. And Clark is the man I love. Rich, powerful and charming. I can only delete Alex: he has issues: he leaves his towels on the bed, he wishes his coffee to be served in the bed. His clothes have to be starched. I’m not his maid, I have a job! I’m not born for domestic services. He’s annoying, he doesn’t know what fun is! What did I see in this….? Compared with Clark – in all his perfection! Yeah…. Alex, this is gonna be your end. Aaah… sweet revenge. Just see me shake up the office! 1000 lost and deleted documents! Marvelous! Outrageous: I’ll kill them all – one by one.”
marina2xhor850pix(Plant) “This plant needs more life.”
(Sofa) “But the best was to meet Roberto, that gorgeous firefighter, wonderful man. So cute! He’s a fantastic lover. An interesting man who likes danger and lives his life around fire. Heating me up, he is hot. Roberto is a true sexual athlete – wonderful! The perfect lover.”


marcos850pix-naam-xl   & MARCOS RIBEIRO

MarcosTextMini“Moon, moving and captivating in a dark night. You understand the dreams of human beings. Because they live in you … but I always wait for you, every night. You are an example of persistence, always orbiting the earth, doing your nightly spectacle, attractive, moving and relentless – let’s say: “natural”. Dream and desire of lovers and their lovers. You are untouchable and merciless. The issue that one day nothing will be true anymore, nothing will help anymore, nothing will do anymore. I scream at her – insecure. She doesn’t answer. She loves me even more, she leaves me helpless… I need your help, moon!!!! You don’t seem to believe what i’m saying, as if my thoughts are not important. You think you can exist without me. But i’m here every night. Always. You disrupt my thoughts…. Without you my dreams would be cold, lost, confused and shattered. I love dreaming with you.”

M&M@PizzaPlace1bMINIKETAMINtalk(Can) Chandelier D. Brown:
(sleeping Marcos)
give me an A: Ego
give me a B: Interest
give me a C: Best !
(Glas) Xavi González:
(nearly dies laughing)
(Can) Chandelier D. Brown:
yes yes yes … I wanna have my house and my kitchen and insurance … sorry … I mean …
somewhere where the sun shine in da room and some sexiness … fo sure…
here a proposal: lovely fb chemojis as a cure for emocancers
(Sleeping Marcos).
the ones with emochronic diseases will have a special emojiattention!
making your emojisickness and emocancers visible !
Xavi González, please send your proposal to the EMOJIS department at this address:
Silicon Valley 0102, Palo Alto, San Francisco, USA
gracias Xavi!
we know that binary codes and informatic carcinogenic systems are nature, are natural; been existing very long time and we are able to accept the nature of emocancers, (Sleeping Marcos)

KetTalk05dMarcosFace3(Glas) Xavi González: (turning) Oooooh, I think you need sleep
(Can) Chandelier D. Brown: yes darling, i also need to sleep, but first i need to get some food
(Glas) Xavi González: That sounds like a plan: Food, maybe a hot shower and sleep
(Can) Chandelier D. Brown: (starts smiling) healthy and lovely cocked food. shower too, my deodorant left me a few hours ago – neuronal stink here in da room
(Glas) Xavi González: (like+kisses) Mwah!
(Can) Chandelier D. Brown: thank you. feeling positive:
is an “emoji” “body” ?
been long time discussing and saying in affirmative that “a word” is “body”
is “a word” “body” ?
or at least try to keep a “cool VIBE”
sometime gets sick, or is hard, sometimes cries but is HUGE
(Glas) Xavi González: (a tear rolls from his eye)
(Can) Chandelier D. Brown: is a classy classic.

Francisco Bernà




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