TATA world

tataWORLDminiWhen you absorbed the SYSTEMIC DESCRIPTIONS, you might comprehend how the TVshow TATA world (worktitle) multiplies and how the increasing density of interesting directors/performers creates an ever improving quality. Now you may understand as well, how the first episodes are a weak spot, since TATA world hasn’t found its “stars” yet.


CastingImagesMiniMiniSpring 2016 Yusuf Etiman generously invited me to a residency in the Copan building. Lots of trans-people work the streets on the other side of Iparanga, where the Copan is located.

One day around noon, I meandered around in the area, the Rua Bento Freitas and past a restaurant where a few transvestites – black and kind of masculine – were hanging around a table at the entrance. They gave off an impressive aura of constitutional elegance!

They were so beautiful! I was star-struck. I realized they were the answer to my dilemma of how to qualify a first pilot for TATA world. As the casting flyer mentions, they know how to look good and they perform all day anyway. A radiance, emanating from a lifetime of cultivated stamina, that seems eminently able to engender a high-quality pilot.

This encounter brought me to the decision to shoot the first sequences of this TV show in Sao Paulo … I searched a while for these exceptional beings – in the course of time more and more resembling an apparition, because I never ran into them again. Instead São Paulo gave me:








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